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WHY SQLT XTRACT produces two EVENT 10053 traces?

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If you use SQLT XTRACT often, you may have noticed that in some cases the sqlt_sNNNNN_*.zip file contains two 10053 traces instead of one. The question is WHY?

Take for example this:


The first file reads “explain” and it is generated by enabling EVENT 10053 during an EXPLAIN PLAN FOR command on the SQL Text associated to the SQL_ID passed to SQLT XTRACT. So this 10053 may not be accurate if the SQL has binds and bind peeking is enabled.

The second file reads “i1_c0_extract’. The “i1” part means instance 1 and the “c0” means child cursor zero. This 10053 is generated by API SYS.DBMS_SQLDIAG.DUMP_TRACE which is available on 11.2 and higher.

When I see both files I usually focus on the one from the new API, since the “explain” may show a different plan than the one actually executed. In any case, look first at the Plans Summary section of SQLT main report and pay attention to the plan hash values. Then on your 10053 search for Plan Table and compare the hash value with the one from SQLT main report.

Written by Carlos Sierra

April 19, 2013 at 11:16 am

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