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SQLTXPLAIN capabilities – free webinar for Oracle partners (Wednesday 27)

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This Wednesday, February 27 at 8 am Pacific Time (11 am ET), I will deliver a one hour webinar to Oracle partners. The topic is about SQLTXPLAIN capabilities and how this tool helps to diagnose SQL statements performing poorly. Details are here. Format is 45 minutes of presentation and demo, followed by 15 minutes for a Q&A session.


Written by Carlos Sierra

February 25, 2013 at 11:27 am

SQL Tuning Workshop at the NoCOUG

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I am delivering a two-days SQL Tuning Workshop at the Norther California Oracle Users Group (NoCOUG) in Pleasanton, California. Today is the 2nd and last day of this class. We discussed yesterday: Cost-based Optimizer (CBO) Statistics, Event 10053, Adaptive Cursor Sharing (ACS) and SQL Plan Management (SPM). We will discuss today some SQL Tuning tools: Event 10046, Trace Analyzer TRCANLZR, SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT), SQL Health-Check (SQLHC) and SQLT Test Case (TC). There are around 35 participants and I would say the level of the class is between intermediate to advanced. Most participants are seasoned DBAs and some have a good level of expertise as Developers. Abel Macias is participating in this session as my co-instructor. He is bringing to class his extensive expertise in SQL Tuning. It is always a challenge to keep the attention of such a large and diverse group, but I would say the level of participation has been quite high. I appreciate all the effort from several contributors of the NoCOUG who have made this training possible. My special thanks to Gwen Shapira, Randy Samberg, Iggy Fernandez and Eric Hutchinson. It is very rewarding to see how Oracle Users Groups are putting together events like this where we can openly share knowledge with our Oracle users community.

I will speak at the actual NoCOUG Conference this Thursday. I will talk about the content of SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) main report, which is quite comprehensive. I will go over some samples and I will allocate plenty of time for questions during and after my presentation. These days SQLT is widely used within Oracle and now by several enterprise Oracle customers.

Stelios Charalambides book about SQLT Tuning and SQLTXPLAIN will be released on March 20. The title is Oracle SQL Tuning with Oracle SQLTXPLAIN. This book can now be pre-ordered in Amazon. If you want to learn more about how to use SQLTXPLAIN to diagnose SQL Tuning issues you may want to get a copy of this book.

After NoCOUG I will spend one week at the office, where I will deliver a live Webinar in SQL Tuning to our Oracle Partners. Then my next conference is the popular Hotsos Symposium in March 3-7. In my humble opinion, this annual Hotsos event is the single most relevant in the area of Oracle Performance. Thus I am very excited to have the opportunity to speak there. A real honor!

RMOUG Training Days February 13 (day 3)

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The RMOUG Training Days are over now. Yesterday was the 3rd and last day. What an experience! I enjoyed great sessions and learned a few things, like how to gather System Statistics for Exadata (thanks to Karen Morton). More important, I had the opportunity to appreciate the value of networking. When I hear that an Oracle User Group (OUG) is a great place for networking, I usually shrug since I am not someone looking for business opportunities, fame, or name building. Well, networking is a lot more than that. Let me explain:

During my first presentation yesterday, my laptop crashed and with it my local database. I needed my local database  for both of my presentations, but kind of crucial for the second. Of course I had plan B and even plan C, but that was not the point since I wanted to stick to plan A, which was the best. My database needed a recovery and I do not do core Database Administration (DBA) work on a daily basis. In fact I have never recovered a database myself! So there I was, between conferences and struggling to recover my database. As a self-sufficient seasoned Oracle guy, I tried myself but I was walking in circles. Having established a friendly relationship with Oracle’s partner Enkitec (an Oracle-centric consultig firm), I felt comfortable reaching for help. So I asked Veronica Stigers if she knew who may assist me to recover my database. She joked with me and immediately referred me to Alex Fatkulin, who was working on his laptop sitting on the floor right there at the Enkitec kiosk. Alex learned that I was lost when he asked me if my database was in archive-mode and I just stared back to him… Nevertheless, he took control of my laptop and did his magic. Alex recovered my database in less than 2 minutes! So Alex made my day and I owe him big time. My lesson learned here is that events like the RMOUG really facilitate networking. And that networking means a lot more than business opportunities. It meant to me to have the courage to reach for help, and to actually find someone willing to help. I thank Enkitec’s awesome resources, in special I thank Veronica and Alex for extending a helping hand and by doing this as good old friends! I know that yesterday we established a lasting relationship, which I treasure already. So, to me, networking means: making new good friends!

Now that RMOUG is over, my attention moves to the Norther California Oracle Users Group (NoCOUG), which is next week! Looking forward to have the opportunity to share some knowledge there and to do some more “networking”…

As time permits, I will be writing more about Execution Plan Stability, and SQL Tuning tools.

Written by Carlos Sierra

February 14, 2013 at 6:20 am

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RMOUG Training Days February 12 (day 2)

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Second day is over now. I attended several interesting sessions. The one I liked the most was about the role of women in technology. I am so glad RMOUG provides now this kind of session! I think we need to encourage women to fill positions that are still dominated by men, like speaking at conferences. If you consider that 40% of DBAs are women while only 11% are speakers, you get to understand something can be improved here…

Today, I will deliver two one-hour sessions:

  1. How to improve SQL Performance with new SQL Health Check Tool. Wednesday, February 13 at 8:30 am. Room 4a.
  2. How to create in 5 minutes a SQL Tuning Test Case using SQLTXPLAIN. Wednesday, February 13 at 1:30 pm. Room 403.

I am so happy to participate as a speaker at the RMOUG! My reward is simple: to see participants nodding and smiling when a concept clicks in, or when they get an answer to a question that has been boiling in their heads for some time. After 17 years at Oracle and having learned from so many smart guys, I am lucky to be in a position where I can answer many questions. Still I say “I do not know” when asked something I do not know, but when it comes to SQL Tuning, I feel pretty comfortable with most subtopics. I notice a great interest on Plan Stability and SQL Plan Management in particular. I will be offering sessions in this area within SQL Tuning…

Looking forward to a great third and last day of this event today!

Written by Carlos Sierra

February 13, 2013 at 6:32 am

RMOUG Training Days February 11 (day 1)

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First day of the RMOUG Training Days February 11-13, 2013 is over. I had the honor to present Using SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) to Diagnose SQL Statements Performing Poorly. I had 14 participants and we were able to go into the details of several topics that were raised by this small group. We covered all the material I had prepared. We also covered SQL Plan Management (SPM) in a live demo branched from the SQLT core presentation and demos. The most rewarding part for me was watching the smiles in the faces of most participants. I think everyone got something out of this session.

I wanted to share my personal experience at this great conference. In short, I am having a blast! From being picked up at the airport by Prashant Khanolkar and sharing the ride with Cary Millsap and Faun deHerry; to speaking at the pre-conference event; and sharing a beer (or two) with other speakers. Just being here at this RMOUG event has been an awesome experience that I highly recommend to all! Last night, I had the chance to socially share with well recognized personalities, including: Kerry Osborne, Maria Colgan, Karl Arao, Kellyn Pot’Vin, Kyle Hailey, Jeff Jacobs, Andy ColvinFaun deHerry and Scott Spendolini. I also had the change to meet or meet for the second time: Tim Gorman, Mogens Nørgaard, Ken Johnson, David Stokes, Lisa Cocklin, George Trujillo and Galo Balda. I met a lot more nice people but I am not so good with names to remember them all, specially this early in the morning…

It feels like yesterday when I participated at the Hotsos Seminar on March 2012. I was so intimidated just by thinking that some of the Oracle performance key players were there, and they would actually might sit in my session… I feel deep respect for most of the professionals that gather and are regulars at these events. What I learned at Hotsos 2012 was that most of these “big shots” were so approachable and down to earth. It was a big relief since I had been learning from them for years, through their books and blogs. For some reason I always thought they would be too busy to talk to someone like me… How wrong I was! That Hotsos 2012 event almost a year ago was the inspiration I needed to submit topics and try to participate in other similar events. RMOUG has had the same friendly, open, welcoming environment I discovered at Hotsos. My kudos to RMOUG organizers for making this event an awesome experience! As long as Oracle is willing to sponsor my travel expenses I will keep submitting topics to the RMOUG annual meeting… and Hotsos, and NoCOUG, and ECO, and some others…

Now, it is time for some workout before enjoying a busy day at the RMOUG!

Written by Carlos Sierra

February 12, 2013 at 7:34 am