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Differences between TKPROF and Trace Analyzer TRCANLZR (TRCA)

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When an Oracle user process performs poorly, meaning slower that business requirements, the most common way to start its diagnostics is by turning SQL Trace on, then proceed to review the trace file that is created. This process is usually referred as “tracing” and can be accomplished by several methods including DBMS_MONITOR and ALTER SESSION commands.

Back to the question that motivated this Blog entry: What is the difference between TKPROF and Trace Analyzer? Both input a trace file generated by SQL Trace (also known as EVENT 10046) and both produce a summary out of the input trace.


It has been around since early releases of Oracle. It is included as part of the database software. It is fast. It produces an output report in plain text format. It performs number crunching in memory. It does not have to connect to a database (it can if you want to include Explain Plans in its report). It provides a nice and clean summary of performance metrics for each SQL statement included in trace file.

Trace Analyzer TRCANLZR (TRCA)

It is an add-on tool and not part of the Oracle database product. It is free to download and use out of My Oracle Support (MOS), previously known as Metalink (under note 224270.1). It takes longer to execute than TKPROF. It provides more diagnostics details than TKPROF.  It connects to a database (same where the trace was produced or some other). Relies on a database to store the parsed trace, which can help if you want to do some data mining in the contents of the trace. Its output is HTML and also text. It is easier to read than TKPROF specially regarding the Execution Plan. Bottom-line: it is like TKPROF on steroids, as per Eddie Awad’s Blog. See sample below:



Both TKPROF and TRCA are great tools. Keep in mind that there are also some excellent tools external to Oracle in this area. If you need more advanced functionality than the one provided by TKPROF or TRCA, I encourage you to explore these external tools. Personally, I have evaluated Method R and I liked it very much. Also, if you want to learn more about the contents of a SQL Trace you may be interested on this book: Optimizing Oracle Performance by Cary Millsap and Jeff Holt, published by O’Reilly Media.


Written by Carlos Sierra

April 25, 2013 at 11:41 am

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